Dairy Farmer Jobs in Australia
ADairy Farmer produces milk and other dairy products most commonly from dairy cows, but also from goats and sheep. The production process may occur on-site or at a dairy factory and the resulting products are sold in retail outlets.

The majority of dairy farms sell male calves for veal production or breeding. Dairy Farmers may also grow their own feed, including corn, alfalfa and hay.

The key responsibilities of a Dairy Farmer include:

  • owning, managing and caring for dairy cows, goats or sheep
  • collecting milk, either by hand or using specifically designed tools
  • maintaining high milk production through careful breeding and grazing
  • selecting dairy cows for milking or slaughter
  • selecting male calves for breeding or sale for veal or beef
  • recruit hired hands to assist in milking and herd management
  • ensuring the cleanliness and optimal condition of barns, pens and equipment
  • obtain medical attention for ailing or injured animals

Dairy Farmers rise early for the first milking. They generally work long hours in a physically demanding occupation.

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