Apiarist Jobs in Australia
An Apiarist (or Beekeeper) operates commercial beehives to produce honey and related products, such as beeswax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

The regular duties of an Apiarist include:

  • building beehives
  • treating and painting beehives to prevent wood rot
  • liaising with property owners, government and councils to secure sites where they can keep their bees
  • handle bee diseases, pests and parasites that affect hives
  • remove honeycombs; package and sell honey

There are four major areas that Apiarists can specialise in:

  • apiary
  • queen bee production
  • marketing and packing
  • pollination

Apiarists spend the majority of their time working autonomously outdoors. This requires physical fitness and contentment with working alone.

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