Agricultural Scientist Jobs in Australia
Agricultural Scientists study the commercial techniques involved in cultivation, animal breeding and raising, and crop growing to improve the productivity of farms and agricultural industries.

An Agricultural Scientist may be required to:

  • collect and analyse data relating to stock, feed, soil and water
  • advise farmers and industry personnel on techniques to improve crop production and livestock
  • advise farmers on livestock wellbeing and crop disease, pest and weed control, sustainable farming practices, animal husbandry and feeding
  • study the effects of cultivation techniques, soils and plant diseases on animal and crop production levels

Agricultural Scientists may specialise in particular areas, including in the research and production of vines and microbiology associated with winemaking; Entomology, the investigation of insect outbreaks and potential control measures; or a Soil Scientist who focuses only on the quality and chemical constitution of soil.

To become an Agricultural Scientist you usually have to gain a degree in science, with a major in agriculture-related studies.

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