Media Advisor Job Profile in Australia
An Media Advisor provides specialised advice on how their employer can best represent their brand or image to the media and to the public. They will undertake intensive research on their employer and, using their knowledge of the media environment, advise on opportunities for promoting their brand or image. They will also be required to deal with public controversies and crisis-management.

Typical duties of a Media Advisor include:

  • writing and distributing media releases
  • writing speeches that are representative of the style and voice of the presenter
  • liaising with media and public affairs representatives
  • researching issues of relevance to their organisation or employer
  • providing reports on relevant or topical issues and advice on how to react
  • providing advice on image and branding, including clothing and vocal style

Media Advisors may work for a political representative or organisation, private company, not-for-profit organisation, celebrity or public figure.

A thorough understanding of the media industry, including deadlines and key contacts, is required. It is also beneficial to have a working knowledge of social media and an ability to follow advancements in technology relating to communication and broadcasting.

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