Journalist Job Profile in Australia
A Journalist may work in a variety of media, including newspapers, magazines, online news, digital magazines, radio or television.

A Journalist is usually assigned a story by an editor, along with guidelines on when the story is due and how much space and resources it will be allowed.

The daily duties of a Journalist include:

  • interviewing subjects for background research and quotations
  • establishing relationships with organisations that can provide essential and timely information, including police, community groups and organisations, emergency services, etc.
  • attending press conferences and recording or taking notes of relevant information
  • attending editorial meetings and answering queries regarding recent stories
  • formatting and publishing online news content
  • briefing photographers or designers on accompanying graphic elements and artwork

Journalists are usually required to hold a degree in journalism, writing, English or a specialised field relevant to the publication they are working for; for example, international relations, science, information technology or religion.

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