Advertising Jobs Profile in Australia
Advertising jobs in Australia are just about as varied as they come, with opportunities available across several distinct areas, including account management, creative services and media management. Advertising is dynamic, fast-paced and – importantly for job-seekers – a healthy growth industry.

Account management jobs in advertising involve working closely with clients to develop marketing strategies and fulfill client needs. Advertising jobs in this area range from administrative assistants and account executives to account managers and directors.

Copywriting, art direction and graphic design are all advertising jobs that fall into the creative services category. Often working collaboratively, these departments are responsible for the conceptualization and development of ideas for advertising campaigns.

Advertising jobs in the media management area include media planners, buyers and managers. Media management roles involve analysing consumer behavior and determining target audiences, and purchasing airtime and advertising space accordingly.

An employer looking to fill an advertising job is likely to be interested in candidates with enthusiasm, energy and drive, who can demonstrate their creativity and excellent communication skills.

The first step to getting the job in advertising you want is presenting an excellent application. Your resume and cover letter is the first contact you have with a potential employer, so you want to make the best possible impression.

ISMYCV can help you create an outstanding Advertising cover letter and resume. You might also be interested in our profile of Marketing jobs.

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