Graphic Designer Job Profile in Australia
A Graphic Designers assembles images, typography or motion graphics to create a memorable and cohesive product. Their work may be used to promote products or services; illustrate written articles; as a print on clothing or textiles; on websites or in galleries.

The increasing reliance on visual media to represent individuals and groups has resulted in a greater need for qualifications and design expertise across a variety of traditional and new media. A degree or certificate is usually considered a requisite for a Graphic Design position.

A portfolio of work is essential to demonstrate a Graphic Designer’s style, experience, skill in variety of drawing and design media, and ability to work to client briefs.

Graphic Designers may also hold the following occupations:

  • Creative Director (in charge of a team producing artwork for advertisements or products)
  • Art Director (managing the relationship between the creative team and the client)
  • Art Production Manager (supervise the production of artwork)
  • Brand identity developer (concerned with the visual identity of the client)
  • Logo Designer (expresses the value and nature of the client through an image)
  • Illustrator (represent an idea or story through 2D or 3D images)
  • Multimedia Developer (applies design or illustration skills to motion, sound or interactive media)
  • Package Designer (applies design skills to product packaging, including bags or wrapping paper)

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