Film Editor Job Profile in Australia
A Film Editors plays an essential role in the post production process. Their role is to select and combine film shots into a sequence that meets the overall vision of the Film Director.

A Film Editor combines layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pace, transitions and tone to craft a cohesive whole. The Editor’s Cut, or final product, is then submitted to the Film Director for any modifications and final approval.

A Film Editor may take a traditional or non-traditional approach to sequence and continuity. This relates to the chronological order of events and how it is represented on film.

A Film Editor works with pre-recorded imagery, dialogue and music to create a comprehensive whole, whereas a Television Editor works with the same elements, but may be required to assemble the elements in real-time (live).

Typical duties of a Film Editor include:

  • interpreting a brief, script, shot list or screenplay
  • assembling raw footage and uploading to computer
  • attaching sound effects and music to visual images
  • digitally ordering and cutting film to determine the sequence of the film
  • overseeing the quality and progress of audio and vision engineering
  • consulting with the Director and Producer
  • experimenting with various styles and techniques to establish the tone and pace
  • selecting the optimal shot of a scene from numerous takes
  • suggesting or selecting music

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