Copywriter Job Profile in Australia
Copywriters produce written material to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. Their work may appear on product packaging; in product guides or booklets; television or radio commercial scripts; direct mail campaigns; and in leaflets or brochures. There is also demand for Copywriters to produce written material for websites that drives visitors toward the site, using the principles of search engine optimisation.

The majority of Copywriters work within advertising agencies, public relations firms, company communications and marketing departments, broadcasters, book publishers and magazines. Copywriters may also freelance for a variety of clients, either working on-site or remotely. This requires the ability to run their own business, promoting their services and attending to administration and financial requirements.

Copywriters usually receive extensive content and background information from the client, which they must absorb and then express according to the target audience, delivery medium and the client’s overall communications strategy.

Copywriters may come from a journalism or advertising background. While they require no specialised knowledge of the product or brand they are writing for, they will depend on excellent research and writing skills and a talent for creating concise and engaging written content.

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