Author Profile in Australia
An Author produces written material in one or many genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalism.

An Author must have excellent research skills, regardless of whether they are writing factual content or not, as even fiction work relies on observations of the world. They must also have the ability to express their ideas and intentions through effective and articulate use of language and grammar.

With advances in technology, many more Authors are publishing their work online and accessing avenues to self-publishing. For traditional book publishers, they are still in strong demand and provide the essential services of editing, marketing, design and distribution coordination to authors.

Authors may choose to write under their own name, however there is also a market for authors to ghost-write. This is a process whereby the author conducts intensive interviews with their book subject and then proceeds to write the book in the voice of the subject. The subject is then credited as the book’s author.

This is a vocation that does not require qualifications, though for authors of academic textbooks, a specialised knowledge of their subject is essential.

Many authors work alone and spend extended periods typing or reading their work. An ability to work confidently and contentedly without company is a requisite.

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