Advertising Manager Job Profile in Australia
An Advertising Manager is responsible for the development, implementation and management of a client’s advertising strategy in terms of business, revenue and technical matters.

A successful Advertising Manager is energetic, professional and perseverant. Their role requires good budgeting and sales skills, leadership and motivational ability. He or she must be able to communicate effectively with representatives of the client, sales staff, the creative team and public relations or media representatives.

Excellent time management, prioritising and multitasking skills are also required. An Advertising Manager requires extensive experience in the advertising industry and excellent networking and client liaison skills.

Key duties include:

  • direct, lead and guide account executives
  • plan and execute day-to-day operations of advertising campaigns
  • ensure coordination between marketing and creative teams in executing a campaign
  • ensure coordination between clients and creative teams
  • plan media schedules
  • assist creative teams in building brand image for clients' products

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