Contracts Administrator Jobs in Australia
A Contracts Administrator supports Contracts Advisors and Contract Owners with raising new contacts and work requests for the company or organisation they are employed by.

While the specific nature of contract administration can vary between industries and type of contracts, the Contract Administrator will typically start by developing a comprehensive performance-based statement of the work required, outlining key deliverables, along with providing a plan and timeline for the project. The Contract Administrator will then monitor performance and liaise with personnel to ensure that the contract is completed according to the plan, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The key responsibilities of a Contracts Administrator include:

  • assisting Contracts Advisors with preparing and assembly of project contracts
  • supporting Contracts Advisors with analysis and evaluation of commercial contracts and issuing recommendations
  • provision of regular contract status reports to management and the project team
  • supervises the processing and payment of contractor invoices
  • dealing with dispute resolution should problems arise

Excellent organisational skills and an ability to use databases and spreadsheets are basic requirements of this role.

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