Credit Controller Jobs in Australia
A Credit Controller requires dependable decision-making skills, attention to detail, business judgement and advanced numbers and computer skills.

Although it is not strictly required by employers, candidates with business qualifications and experience will be ahead of the competition. Knowledge of banking and accounting procedures and policies will be valuable to their daily duties.

The key role of a Credit Controller is to manage the money loaned or owed to the company.

There are two main areas in which a Credit Controller may be employed: commercial credit, dealing with business customers; or consumer credit, dealing with the public. In either area, the Credit Controller has the same duties, which include:

  • checking customer’s credit ratings with banks
  • setting up terms and conditions of a loan
  • responding to internal queries regarding payments
  • ensuring that customers pay on time
  • initiating legal action to recover money owed, if necessary
  • reviewing debt recovery procedures
  • general accounting and administrative work

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