Frequently Asked Questions
Read our frequently asked questions for Job Seekers and Employers to find out more about our online resume service.
frequently asked questions
Employer FAQ
How much does it cost to use ISMYCV?
Employers can register with ISMYCV free of charge. You can then upgrade your account to have unlimited download access. See Employer page for full pricing on ISMYCV’s services.
Who should the Company Contact be?
ISMYCV allows you to create multiple user accounts for your organization, so that each member of your team that uses the site can do so with a unique, identifiable login. ISMYCV also requires a primary contact, who can be contacted by ISMYCV if necessary.
How many searches can I have at once?
ISMYCV has no restriction on how many online resume searches can be active at once.
What if the Industry/Occupation I am seeking staff for is not available on the list?
You can notify ISMYCV of this via the Contact Us link.
How long do my search results remain active?
Once you have shortlisted candidates, their resume profiles will remain in this folder until deleted. Once you have downloaded candidates contact details, their resume profiles will remain in this download folder until deleted.
Can I contact the Job Seekers?
Yes, but only in relation to an available position of employment, relevant to the industry selected by the Job Seeker. Job Seekers provide their contact details as part of the online resume creation process, and these details can be used by Employers to get in touch with candidates. Employers download Job Seekers contact details.